5 Ways to Tell a Story through Video

Throughout the years, marketing has evolved continuously, branching out from activation events to digital platforms. Social media, blogging, and videos are now highly popular mediums of marketing among businesses, both for start-up and established companies.

Videos are seen as an effective way to deliver the company’s message. Going viral is often part of the goal for most companies as this lets their brand be known to a wide range of audiences.

Here are five kinds of videos that companies can use to tell their story:


Video blogging or vlogging, is now considered a career option, one that pays more than the usual day job. People consume so much of these types of videos which is why vlogging is an effective way businesses can reach out to their audiences. Hiring vloggers to talk about brands of their interest to their audiences helps both sides – the brand reaches a new audience while the vlogger establishes a partnership with the brand.


Trust is an important factor among consumers. A brand becomes more credible to users if they hear a story about another user’s experience with it. Because of that, most companies create videos that interview real consumers and their experience with their brand. Videos like these help their audience understand their brand from another consumer’s perspective, creating trust between the brand and the consumer.


One of the trends now in social media is animation, which is starting to rise since last year. It’s not enough for users to look at pictures as videos are much more interesting now. This is popular especially in companies in Southeast Asia – from a motion graphics company in Singapore to other countries in the area, animation is slowly coming to the forefront of digital marketing.


A great way for businesses to address their audience is to create tutorial videos. Not only does this establish brand awareness, it also helps consumers understand the brand in a deeper context. Educational brand videos are a great way for businesses to show consumers different aspects of their brand.

Short stories

Videos are a great way to get creative. Companies use videos to show a story that relates to their brand. These can be fictional or based on real stories, but either way, it gets the brand’s message across and makes it memorable among their audience.

There are a lot of ways companies can use videos to tell their story and these are just a few ways they can do it while maintaining their creativity and their company identity.

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