Body art – More than symbol of violence

Body art compromises of a large range of body modifications like tattoos, body piercing and others. Thanks to the main stream media, body art is considered as a symbol or exhibition of violence. You don’t see media portraying a normal person with an average job with no criminal history or background having tattoos or piercing because the individual has the right to express himself. It is about time that this art is given the actual recognition it is supposed to have.

Body art is not a bad thing!

When people think of body art, they will immediately associate it with criminals, thugs and other people who are on the wrong side of law because of the information imposed by the entertainment industry on the general public. On the other hand, due to some tattoo studios with unhealthy practices, there are also health concerns like transferring diseases through reusing needles, using inks which are harmful to humans, etc. If you are planning to get a piercing done or are planning to get a tattoo make sure to find the best tattoo studio whereby they will abide to the health code.

Body art – a form of expression

Body art is one of the permanent ways of expressing themselves. People battling with depression mainly suicidal thoughts are asked to tattoo something they feel calm and connected to. It might be a name or symbol to help from falling into their dark place. There are other people who have scars from birthing or from being in a tragic accident who would feel the loss every time they see the scars who use body art as a form of masking their pain or dealing with their pain. It can be seen that different people use it to express themselves in different ways. However, due to the stigma attached, people often have to hide their body art mainly tattoos. This in fact is against their basic human rights they are supposed to get – freedom to voice and express their opinion. If someone feels the need to express through body art, they should not feel the need to hide it because of society’s oppressing them.

In addition to that, it is true that there are a lot of concerns regarding about body art. You need to make sure that you are of the legal age to get a tattoo before trying to get one. If you are not of legal age then make sure to wait. If you try to get a tattoo before then you might end up going to a shady – unregistered place which would make your nightmares become true.

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