How to Create Short Films

If you have a passion and an eye for details then you can easily direct one. Keep in mind that these things will go many trials, cuts and perspectives to get the best for it. Do not feel bad if your first will be your worst. It’s part of the process of getting better. Here are some steps that you could do to lead to a good short film worth sharing to the audience.

Get Help

It won’t be easy for you to do so but if you have supportive friends you could do it. It will be harder if your friends don’t share the same passion you have that will make them loose patience easily with your work that needs repetitive checking. If you have the budget you could easily hire a production team that can help you with this. Try to book a commercial videography Singapore service and talk about your thoughts in the outcome you want to have.

Creative Ideas

This will give you an idea on your film. You could brainstorm with the team what you want to do with the flow of the story. Nowadays, people want a fast track action or phasing to the scenes and they find it boring if you it takes a long time before you get to the main point or the climax of the story. The audience wants some plot twists and some spontaneous flow on the characters minds. Everything needs to be detailed enough for your project to make it look realistic.


Communication between the characters is important to make it heartfelt in your audience. It don’t need to be dramatic. It should feel like the audience is with the characters sentiments that they feel that they are there virtually. Especially on the scenes that are the turning point of the film, there should be this cool feeling of getting accepted mentally and emotionally by your viewers.

Props and Location

These makes a huge difference in each scene. It will make it look like that it’s too much or too less but some can still manage it by the angle of the camera that it will look like what the director wants it to look like. If you have the resources to get to the real ideal place in your mind that the scene will be perfect to conduct in then make an effort and if there needs to be paper works for a permit to shoot there then get it beforehand.

Remember if you keep in mind the outcome you want to have then the audience with the same idea as yours will love it. There may be people who will not like it but there’s always someone who will. Each film you make will be better than the other one if you keep on learning from your mistakes. Who knows you may hit it to Hollywood? So get started with that dream of yours!

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