What is 3D Printing and What Does It Do?

Despite the popularity of the ThreeDimensional Printing Methods and the number of advantages it can bring in manufacturing various products, there are still doubts surrounding it. If you are one of them who has questions about how it works and how can it be more beneficial, here are your answers.

What is It?

3D printing or additive printing is the action or the process of making a physical object from a three dimensional digital model, typically laying down many thing layers of a material in succession.

How Does It Work?

All printers that does 3D manufacturing follows the same methodology. The conversion of a digital model into a physical three dimensional object by adding material, one layer at a time. This method of adding layers is what gives it the alternative term, additive manufacturing. They typically use digital model data from a 3D model to produce objects of almost any geometrical shape.

What Technology Does It Use?

The most widely used technological process is the FDM or fused deposit modelling method. Fused Deposit Modelling is a technology commonly used for prototyping and production applications. The 3D models ae usually designed using CAD or Computer Aided Design method, which is method usually used in technical illustrations.  Additive manufacturing requires no special tools but instead the part is manufactured directly into the built platform, layer by layer.

Where is It Used?

This is a type of manufacturing process that is used in many fields ranging from aerospace and engineering to education and home. In fields such as engineering, aerospace and manufacturing, this is used for rapid prototyping due to it being fast and cost effective. Medical sector uses additive manufacturing for a number of purposes including visualizing procedures, and personalizing healthcare products such as custom made prosthetics. In fashion industry, with the help of additive manufacturing, designers are able to accessorize outfits with jewelry, prototype new ideas, and even can 3D print an entire collection. Primary, secondary and university education institutes use this to create interactive lessons and mechanical training.

What are Its Benefits?

If there are any design you need to get done for your work or personal needs, looking for a place to purchase a3d printer singapore to get your design needs completed is the best option. There are a number of benefits you gain when using this type of manufacturing The process is far faster than traditional manufacturing methods making it possible for the designers to get a prototype in only few hours. The advanced technology allows the designers to design any complex design without limitations, even customized designs. Furthermore, it is also possible to identify any risks and faults in the 3D model before the product is manufactured making it possible to come up with alternative models or solutions to increase the quality of the product.

Now that 3D printing is not a mystery to you anymore, you can see the benefits you can receive from it. it is more effective and convenient than traditional manufacturing methods.

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